Agave Syrup

Natural nutritive sweetener with low glycemic index: One tablespoon of agave syrup contains approximately 16 grams of carbohydrates and 64 calories; however, the glycemic index of this syrup is lower than that of other nutritive sweeteners and it won’t cause a sharp rise or drop of sugar in the organism, unlike cane sugar.

Flavour and body enhancer: With agave syrup you can keep the same level of sweetness in your product using 30% less asweetener as compared to cane sugar. In the dairy industry, agave syrup is used as a body enhancer, lowering the freezing point of the final product, stabilising the foam and enhancing the product flavour.

Agave syrup has a very low glycemic index compared to other natural sweeteners. A glycemic index of 21 means that the effect on blood sugar after ingestion is minimal compared to glucose, whose glycemic index is 103.

Hygroscopic properties: Its natural hygroscopic properties make it ideal for baking: cookies, glazes, creamy stuffing, cakes, muffins and donuts.


•  No GMO.
•  Organic.
•  Vegan.
•  High solubility.
•  100% natural.