Food safety and quality are keywords in all food production companies. 

Jakobsens is certified according to the IFS standards. 

Apart from the mandatory controls of the authorities, Jakobsens cooperates with renowned and independent laboratories in Europe in terms of analyses. 



IFS certificate

The IFS Food standard can be used for various stages of production. The IFS Food standard is risk-based and process-oriented. The IFS Food standard enables us to maintain and achieve qualitative improvements, and creates new sales opportunities as IFS certification is becoming a requirement of more and more retailers. It proves not only that the products we manufacture are safe but also that we can implement retailers' specifications and requirements.



The Fairtrade Label is the independent consumer guarantee that a product is certified according to international Fairtrade standards. By selling Fairtrade products, Jakobsens participates in improving work and life conditions of some of the poorest people in the world, and promoting better environmental conditions. 

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Jakobsens is approved for organic production of honey by the Ministry of Food, Denmark, according to the regulations of the EU Directive No. 834/2007 from June 28th, 2007. The Ø Label only applies to Danish products, subject to organic control by the Danish authorities. 

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EU's organic logo is a label that indicates that a product is organic and that it has been produced and controlled in accordance with the Organic Directive of the EU.

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Swedish KRAV controls and certifies organic production on behalf of the Swedish government. The label guarantees compliance with all requirements in terms of environment, animal welfare, social responsibility and health during production. 

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