Honey for cooking


Honey tastes wonderful on bread and in tea, but only few are aware that honey is an ideal alternative to sugar when baking, preserving and cooking. And honey does not contain any fat. 

Honey is also used as flavour enhancer and seasoning in sweet and salty dishes and it's simply fantastic. Honey should be placed next to salt, pepper and vinegar in every kitchen - ready to use. 


Honey as an alternative to sugar

Honey is the ideal alternative to sugar and is suitable for most baking and dessert recipes.

Use about one tablespoon honey per ½ kg flour. Even though honey contains natural water, you will be able to replace sugar with honey in the rate of one to one in most baking and dessert recipes. However, please note that honey contains natural water, as opposed to sugar, so the amount of liquid should be reduced a bit, especially when baking.

Your food will gain an interesting character when you use honey in desserts, cakes and food. Honey is further a suitable ingredient for sweets and beer. Liquid honey is especially suitable as a supplement or replacement for caramel or chocolate sauce on ice, pudding etc. 

Honey for marinades

Honey is also ideal for meat marinades, due to the fact that honey is quicker to add a browner and more elegant colour to the meat than other types of sugar. The different flavours will also be more distinct when honey is added. 

According to a report made by the Danish Technological Institute, honey in marinades helps prevent rancidity of meat, both during and after preparation, but the effect depends on the type of honey. Honey improves the quality when eating, as well as the impression of taste and smell. When putting meat in the refrigerator or freezer, it may take on a rancid taste, but a marinade with antioxidant reduces the risk of rancidity. Clover and heather honey have proven to be some of the most efficient honey types to prevent a rancid meat taste. Antioxidant properties minimise the risk of the undesired reheated taste during storage. The analysis indicated that both taste, smell and colour of the meat, marinated with 5% honey, changed and was sweeter and less sour. The test shows that the natural antioxidants in the marinade, added as honey, can prolong the durability without using any E-numbers. This makes honey a natural alternative to E-numbers. Read more about marinating meat with honey on the website of the Danish Technological Institute


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