Organic agave syrup


Agave syrup


The agave plant grows in tropical and subtropical dry regions, especially in the Caribbean and Mexico. The name means magnificent or excellent, and that is exactly what this plant is, especially when in bloom. Agave is a perennial herb plant with a short surface stem. The leaves are accumulated in close rosettes, and are very meaty, leathery, spiky and rich on fibres. The leaves contain a large amount of strong tissue that prevents collapsing during dry periods. 

The agave plant does not bloom for several years, but when in bloom, it creates a 2-8 m high flower head with many side shoots and white or yellow flowers within few weeks.  


Agave syrup is a natural product, extracted from the agave plant. Organic agave syrup is produced at low heat and without any additives. Agave syrup is either dark or light orange and has a thinner texture than fluent honey. 

Agave syrup is an excellent alternative to other sweeteners when cooking. Agave syrup is usually sweeter than ordinary sugar, and you will need to use less of it. Agave syrup is great for coffee or tea, or as topping on yoghurt and müsli, as well as on pancakes and waffles. 

Jakobsens organic agave syrup is from Mexico and comes in a light and dark version. The colour difference is due to the agave sort used, as well as the degree of filtration. Dark agave syrup has a delicious caramelised taste, whereas light agave syrup is sweet and mild. 

Add some sweetness to your life with the delicate organic agave syrup from Jakobsens. It is a tasty alternative to ordinary sugar. It is easy to dissolve and does not crystallise.