When nature cooperates



When apiculture bears fruit

Honey from Danish orchards is fruitful in several ways. Bees make honey, but they also play a vital role when pollinating fruit trees. 

Honey bees are indispensable in orchards. A plant must be pollinated, in order to seed, meaning that flower dust (pollen) from a male flower must be passed on to a female flower of another plant. Since flowers are not able to move, they need help for the pollination. And that's where bees can help. 

In order to achieve good fructification, all fruit trees basically require pollination and the honey bees can for instance do this when humming from one flower to the next. 

Danish honey bees contribute with high pollination in Danish orchards, making us able to harvest more fruit and high-quality honey at the same time. And the result is this idyllic summer honey, collected in Danish orchards.