Jakobsen's morning news from nature's larder!

Delicious breakfasts without the hassle - that's what Jakobsen's morning news can give you. Because breakfast is often a bit routine and downplayed, and we want to inspire new, easy and delicious breakfasts.

Do you like cold or hot porridge?

With the new porridge mixes from Jakobsens, you can choose whether you like a cold or hot porridge for your breakfast. And with delicious muesli toppings and fresh fruit, breakfast is on the table in no time.




Cold porridge

Overnight oats are an easy way to make breakfast. The porridge is made in the evening and refrigerated until the next morning. When it's time to eat, simply top the porridge with muesli topping and fruit, and breakfast is ready to serve.


Hot porridge

Do you prefer hot porridge? Stir the porridge mixture with milk or water, give it a few minutes in the microwave and the porridge is ready to serve! Eat the hot porridge with muesli topping and fruit or a little skyr/yoghurt.

Porridge bowl with strawberries and rhubarb

Porridge mix with oat flakes mixed with small pieces of strawberries and rhubarb, gives both sweetness and freshness to the porridge, and also gives the porridge a fine pinkish tinge.

Serve porridge bowl with muesli topping with dates and legumes, as well as fresh fruit or berries and maybe some skyr or yoghurt.

Porridge bowl with apple and cinnamon

Porridge mix with oats, apple and cinnamon has a sweet and slightly spicy taste from the cinnamon and a slight tartness from the small apple pieces.

Jakobsen's muesli topping with nuts and legumes provides plenty of crunch, crunchiness and satiety, as it contains both legumes, nuts and oats.

Good for you and the planet

Since 1921, we have put our heart and soul into producing the highest quality honey that gives you the most delicious taste experience - straight from nature. We've been a staple on the breakfast table for generations, but now we're on a mission to "pollinate" your morning meal even more, so we can continue to help you get a natural, great start to your day.

Based on nature's larder, we have developed a breakfast range made exclusively from organic and 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial additives, preservatives and colourings

We believe that natural ingredients from Mother Nature taste better and are a natural way to treat the planet.

For us, it's pure nature.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives here