A versatile ingredient

Honey tastes great on bread and in tea. Most people are aware of this, but few know that honey is also ideal to use in many recipes instead of sugar in baking, pickling and cooking. Honey can also be used as a flavour enhancer and a spice, which can be used in both sweet and savoury cuisine - and to amazing effect. Ideally, honey should be kept next to salt, pepper and vinegar, close at hand in the kitchen. Here you'll find lots of inspiration on how to use honey in your recipes.

Tasty honey from Jakobsens

Did you know that we have a wide selection of both solid, liquid and organic honeys? The colour and taste of honey varies depending on which flower nectar the honey comes from. There are many thousands of different types of honey, which come from different nectars for example lavender, acacia, heather and orange blossom.

The consistency of honey is naturally fluid, but after a while it will start to crystallise and take on a solid consistency. The ratio of sugars in the honey determines how quickly the honey solidifies.