Recipes for professionals

Jakobsen's products are suitable for cooking both morning, noon and evening. Especially in recipes where a sweet touch is needed. On this page we have collected a lot of recipes for you who work professionally with cooking and who want to give your customers a taste experience out of the ordinary. Whether you're looking for recipes suitable for large kitchens or delicious small dishes for smaller kitchens, you'll find it here.

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Tasty honey from Jakobsens

Did you know that we have a wide selection of both solid, liquid and organic honeys? The colour and taste of honey varies depending on which flower nectar the honey comes from. There are many thousands of different types of honey, which come from different nectars for example lavender, acacia, heather and orange blossom.

The consistency of honey is naturally fluid, but after a while it will start to crystallise and take on a solid consistency. The ratio of sugars in the honey determines how quickly the honey solidifies.