Honey and soy glazed chicken breast with sesame and spring onions

  • 4 persons
Rated 4 out of 5



  1. Preheat oven to 225°c
  2. Combine honey, soy and sesame in a saucepan
  3. Simmer for about 10 minutes and then remove from heat
  4. Loosen the peas from the shell
  5. Remove the outer layer of the spring onions and rinse them well
  6. Place the chicken breasts in a suitable roasting pan or ovenproof dish
  7. Now pour the warm honey-soy-sesame mixture over the chicken breasts
  8. Bake in the oven for approx. 15 minutes, turning the breasts frequently
  9. While the chickens are in the oven, bring a little water to the boil with a couple of tbsp. olive oil and a little salt
  10. Add the spring onions and cook for about 2 minutes, then add the peas. After another 1-2 minutes, strain the peas and onions, drain well and toss with a little olive oil.
  11. Place peas and onions in the bottom of a dish or directly on a plate and place the finished chicken breasts on top

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