Get through the winter well

Are you tired of catching a cold during the cold months?

Let Jakobsens Acacia Honey be your best friend through the cold and dark winter!

Jakobsens Acacia honey differs from many other honeys in that it is more liquid due to its high fruit sugar content. Acacia honey is also very mild in taste and is therefore extremely suitable as a sweetener in tea and other warm drinks.

Discover our three favorite hot drinks for extra coziness during the winter months below. 

Warm up with a hot
dalgona coffee

Treat yourself and your loved ones with a twist.

Want to impress your loved ones - try a delicious and trendy dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is an iced coffee originally from South Korea. The coffee consists of ice-cold milk served with a thick layer of coffee syrup foam. For an even better taste, replace the syrup with Jakobsens Acacia honey, which adds a delicious mild sweetness to the otherwise fresh iced coffee.

Tip: Sprinkle a little chocolate on top if desired.

See the recipe here

Tea for cold days

Treat yourself to a cup of hot tea with acacia honey during the cold winter months.

With its mild flavor, acacia honey is perfect in a cup of tea, whether you prefer chamomile tea, fruit tea or something else. It's a good idea to add a little milk to your tea, as many types of tea have a fuller and softer flavor.

Add the final, and in our opinion, most important flavor nuance by adding the sweetness of Jakobsens Acacia honey.

Tea with acacia honey is especially good for warming up on cold days, when colds often creep up on you.

See the recipe here

Treat yourself with
a delicious chai latte

Make a chai latte with a twist.

Have you ever tried chai latte with acacia honey? A definite favorite with us, as the classic chai latte combined with the mild sweetness of the acacia honey makes for an amazing taste.

Chai latte is a milk drink with chai tea. Chai tea is a black, spicy tea that originates from India, among other places. Impress those around you with this delicious drink with a twist of acacia honey.

Psst... it's up to you whether you tell them the secret to that extra delicious flavor.

See the recipe here

Sweet pampering in the cold season

If you're still looking for inspiration on how to incorporate acacia honey into your cooking, we've gathered a number of delicious recipes here.
The recipes all have in common that they preserve the acacia honey. Explore and create new favorites.