Full of fresh seasonal produce

A good salad is the perfect accompaniment - both in summer and winter. But there's nothing like a colourful, fresh and delicious summer salad to make use of some of the season's fresh berries and fruits.

There are plenty of recipes for delicious summer salads, perfect as an accompaniment to a barbecue or as a meal in itself. If you're looking for inspiration on what to serve with your barbecue, you'll find lots of great summer salad recipes right here. Everything from fresh green salads to a nice and light lunch salad with salmon to salads with grilled vegetables.


Fresh fruit in salads

Fresh fruit tastes great in salads - especially in the summer when you can get so many ingredients all fresh and crisp. Fruits and berries add sweetness, freshness and, most importantly, a nice summer feeling to your salad. Try topping with fresh strawberries, melon or nectarine.

Tip for a delicious summer dressing

A good dressing is the icing on the cake of a delicious summer salad. It can be varied in many different ways and is incredibly simple to make yourself. Try this recipe for a flavourful and colourful blueberry dressing on top of a green salad with melon, almonds and feta.