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2 dl whipping cream, 500g Greek yogurt, 8 tbsp. Jakobsens liqued blossom honey, 200g dark chocolate, 100g butter, 50g hazelnut flakes, 250g fresh raspberries, 250g fresh blueberries and a long cake form (bread type).

Whip the cream and easily put yogurt and honey in afterwards, so you’ll get a light and airy cream. Melt chocolate and butter in a saucepan over low heat. Spread chocolate mixture into bottom of cake form in an even layer and sprinkle with hazelnut flakes. Put the cake form in the freezer for approx. 15 min. until the chocolate has set. Spread half of ice cream on top of chocolate and benefit raspberries upstairs. Distribute the remainder of the ice cream on top of berries and finish with a dense layer of blueberries. Put the cake form in the freezer for at least 4-6 hours or until ice is frozen through.

Tip: The berries can be replaced with your own favorite.