Sweet treats for every taste

A good dessert is something that can bring a smile to most people's lips. Desserts come in many forms, and can be eaten both at home and at parties - as the end of a wonderful dinner, or as an extra treat for afternoon coffee in the garden.

We've collected one of our most popular dessert recipes to inspire your next dessert. Here you will find something for everyone. Check out our recipes for classic desserts such as pie, brownie and carrot cake. Or the quick desserts like waffles, pancakes. Or find your inspiration in our different dessert recipes like homemade popsicles, desserts in glass or fruit parfait. Common to all our recipes is the natural sweetness of honey as an ingredient.

Make use of seasonal ingredients

Fresh moisture is always ideal for a good dessert. With fresh fruit, you get a wonderful symphony of sweetness and tartness. No matter what time of year it is, there's always some fruit or vegetable in season that you can use to add extra flavour to your desserts. In autumn you'll find fresh apples full of flavour - perfect for a delicious apple pie. Whereas in summer you'll find countless fresh berries that can be used for a lovely strawberry cake or delicious homemade ice cream.

Honey instead of sugar

Honey is a good and natural substitute for sugar. You can therefore easily use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar in your desserts. By using honey you achieve an exciting character in the dessert. You can also use a liquid honey as a substitute for caramel sauce, for example. Try our acacia honey on top of a delicious ice cream dessert.