Pure pampering for you and your guests

Jakobsens is the taste of pure and natural pampering. With Jakobsens products at hand, you always have the sweet kick to your cooking. Morning, noon and night.

A small spoonful of honey can lift any meal. With Jakobsen's products you get an extra flavouring for your dishes - Whether you're looking for a powerful honey for tea, a sweet and mild acacia honey for pancakes, a sweetener for dessert or a nice creamy flower honey to spread on bread, you'll find it here.

The many flavours of honey

Not all honey tastes the same - there are many different types of honey. Did you know that there are many factors that influence both the taste and the colour of your honey? Among other things, the taste and colour depend very much on which flowers the bees have collected their nectar from. Light-coloured honeys are often mild, while dark-coloured honeys have a more powerful taste.

Jakobsens honeys

Whether you are looking for conventional, organic or fair trade honey, we have it for you in both solid and liquid varieties. Because we want to give you the choice. That's why we also have a wide range of different flavours of honey - whether you're looking for the strong heather honey, the sweet acacia honey or a good everyday honey.

Recipes for all occasions

Whether you need ideas for easy everyday dishes, a delicious breakfast, a good summer salad, recipes for Easter dinner or side dishes for barbecues, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for great recipes for you.

With Jakobsen's products, the only limit is your imagination. It's just a matter of coming up with the right ideas - and we've collected a whole bunch of them for you right here, from drinks to main courses to dessert.

For example, have you tried our recipe for baked yellow beets with our Organic Flower Honey? Explore our recipes below and find great inspiration for your cooking.